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Mapua Auto Centre

Motor Trade Association membership

We are proud members of the Motor Trade Association of New Zealand.

MTA members are bound by a strict Code of Ethics.

The Association requires that each member:

1.) Conduct business in a manner which promotes a high quality of service and a professional image to their customers.

2.) Ensure all workmanship and services conform to industry best practice.

3.) Maintain high standards of fair practice in all business transactions as prescribed in the Associationís policies and regulations.

4.) Keep proper books of accounts and conduct affairs in a businesslike manner.

5.) Uphold and observe all laws and regulations governing the sale of goods and services.

6.) Price goods and services fairly and avoid deceptive pricing practices.

7.) Ensure that advertising is accurate and truthful, and free of any device which could create an erroneous impression or otherwise be contrary to the public interest.

8.) Recognise and affirm the right of the customer to courteous, prompt and honest dealings.

9.) Answer all proper inquires to the best of their ability and satisfy all reasonable complaints.

10.) Discharge their responsibility to their employees by observing all laws, collective and individual employment contracts and employment agreements by giving proper training and instruction, by providing adequate working conditions, equipment and facilities, and supervising standards of safety and work practice.

11.) Ensure that all activities comply with all environmental requirements of the Resource Management Act and of all local and national authorities.

12.) Uphold the work and interests of the Association and the motor industry generally and avoid conduct which may bring discredit to the Association and its members.

Read more about the MTA on their own website: www.mta.org.nz